Charter request

Charter Your Flight

Do you want to book a flight with Aerocredo? Great decision! We are sure you will enjoy flying with us.

It is very easy to book your charter flight from Moscow or any part of the world. Just follow these steps:

  • Fill in this charter booking form
  • Our manager will contact you at any convenient time to talk over the flight details
  • Upon dealing with formalities your aircraft is ready for take-off

By booking a private jet charter you know you will receive maximum convenience and comfort and save time. You will not have to deal with things like:

  • Searching for most suitable flights
  • Ordering flight tickets
  • Spending hours on waiting at the airport

Private charter flights allow you to choose your departure/arrival times, most suitable airports, on-board services and catering, arrange airport parking and services and choose the best aircraft to meet your expectations. 

Working with Aerocredo means letting us take care of all organizational matters. You will just have to leave your home or office and let our automobile take you to your private jet. You’ll go through special control lanes without waiting. You will receive service and catering on board as discussed upon chartering your flight. You will arrive on due time at your destination.

Our knowledgeable staff provides exceptional service by providing the best choices to satisfy the discerning needs of the traveler.  Whether your trip is for business or pleasure there we will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.