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Dinner Is Served! Or What's For Dinner Today?


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Frequent business aviation passengers know that when it comes to catering on board there are practically no limitations. You can have any meal you want. 

Catering on business jets is always of the highest standards. You can pick a pre-set menu or make a list of courses you would like to enjoy throught out the flight. Coffee from a certain region or a ham sandwich, glutain-free pasta or salad, a red Burgundy or Priorat - whatever you pick, it can be done. 

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Customers who've booked a last-minute jet don't have the possibility of ordering extremely rare meals or drinks but they also get great food service on board. Standard VIP catering includes fruit, salads, cold meats and cheeses, pastry and hot dishes, as well as a variaty of drinks, tea and coffee. 

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Only best ingridents are used for on board food, and much attention is paid to technologies that help keep your meal fresh and tasty even after a few hours after departure. 

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