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4 Ways To Spend Time On A Private Jet


True luxury of travelling on a business jet is not white leather seats and champagne on board but the possibility to spend your time in the most pleasant or efficient way. 

Business people often use their time on board to prepare for meetings, look through a report, have a meeting. The space around offers a large number of ways for you to perform at your very best. 

работа на бизнес-джете

Other passengers want to use their time on a jet to rest. Some jets have real bedrooms with very comfortable beds. So whatever you choose - to take a nap or sleep through 7-8 hours you can be sure you will land rested and full of energy. 

удобно спать на бизнес-джете

Another pleasant way to spend your flight tie is to enjoy a great lunch or dinner accompanied by best wines. Whenener it comes to catering you know you have the best choice of cuisine and drinks on board. 

еда на бизнес-джете

Some guests prefer to spend their time doing sports. And if you ever thought is was impossible to do on board, well, now you know there are no excuses. You can use the space around you for stretching or yoga, you can do a few push-ups or even take part in a 100% real spinning class. New Gulfstream jets are equipped with Pelaton spinnings and you can make sure you don't miss your class. 

йога, растяжка на самолете

Tell us what you'd like to do when booking your charter with us. We will make sure to have everything ready for you before take-off.

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